NEW! Workforce Resources for Technology & Health Sector Needs

Given that we are now squarely in the COVID-affected world, the technology and health sectors are facing greater workforce shortages. In response to this, CommHIT’s Technology and Healthcare Apprenticeship Program (THAP) offer several resources, including financial, to:

1) Employers who face gaps in workforce and needs to hire or upskill current employees, and

2) Individuals who are un- or under-employed and ready to enter or change gears in the workforce.

ALL CommHIT workforce resources have trainee eligibility requirements. Trainees must be:

  • 17 years old or older
  • Eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Not enrolled in high school


Need employees to get upskilled in tech? Get members of your workforce trained in IT to make your business more efficient and secure. 

For any technology-related trainings and certifications, CommHIT offers up to $500 towards training and certification, making many trainings and certifications free or heavily discounted to you.

This includes CompTIA trainings for industry-recognized certifications like IT Fundamentals+, A+, Network+, and Security+, and well as the industry-recognized health IT certification for practice administrators HITCM-PP through PAHCOM. CommHIT can only provide this funding for a limited time through the U.S. Department of Labor (USDoL) Tech Quest Apprenticeship (TQA) grant program; its available for up to 500 individuals. Contact or to start.

Why would my organization consider an apprentice? Isn’t that more for construction, truck driving, and electricians?

Traditionally, apprenticeships have been applied to trades such as electricians, plumbers, and construction. However, there has been a recent push nationally and in the state of Florida to expand apprenticeship programs to other careers, including those in the IT and health sector.

The Great Resignation and the COVID pandemic have been major drivers for applying apprenticeship models to help businesses recruit and retain workers, while helping workers “earn as they learn.”

Need more help with technology-related work, but you’re having a hard time filling those positions? Consider an apprenticeship model to attract and retain solid workers for key positions—economically. CommHIT partners with several established and trusted organizations that offer apprenticeship program that can fit your needs. In Florida, CommHIT has two Florida Department of Education (FLDOE)-approved apprentice occupations built for network administration and digital security. If you are a healthcare facility, one of these is geared to also help you build and maintain a telehealth program.

What’s the difference between an apprenticeship and an internship? Apprenticeships combine hands-on work with classroom learning to train the apprentice. Although there are similarities between apprenticeships and internship, they are different. The most important differences between apprenticeship and internship:

  • Apprenticeship is a training program conducted in an industry or undertaking where the trainee gets a chance to learn and earn at the same time
  • Apprenticeship is a work-based training, whereas internship is a work-based learning
  • The time duration of apprenticeship is longer than the internship training. You are training someone to fit well at your company and retain them

Apprenticeships allow businesses to:

  • Build talent to fit the company’s specific needs. Apprenticeship is the most employer-driven form of workforce development.
  • Retain high-skilled employees. Tech has the highest turnover rate of any industry, and 1/3 of employees in niche technology roles plan to leave their current job within the next year. By contrast, a Utah Department of Workforce study showed that 89% of apprentices stay for at least 3 years after completing their program.
  • Receive greater return on investment (ROI). The W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research showed that for every $1 spent on an apprentice worker, the returns for the business have been shown to be $1.46. (Gains come through reduced turnover, increased productivity, tax breaks, and higher-quality work.)

Have another workforce need not listed here? In general, let CommHIT know when you have a specific IT or health professional training or workforce need, so that it can work with your regions’ Workforce Development Board (WDB) or other appropriate agency to assist you. CommHIT works closely with WDBs, as well as state and federal agencies. When CommHIT finds opportunities or resources offered through any workforce development organizations or agencies that can benefit technology and health employers (including financial resources), it shares them—but we need to know what your needs are. Contact with any additional questions or comments about how CommHIT can help you.

Individuals who need training and certifications

For the tracks below, CommHIT covers the cost of the training and sitting for a certification FOR YOU, making the trainings and certifications free to you. CommHIT offers FIVE training tracks through this program. The tracks are described below. CommHIT can only provide this funding for a limited time through the U.S. Department of Labor (USDoL) Tech Quest Apprenticeship (TQA) grant program; its available for up to 500 individuals.

Ready to get the free to you training and certification exam? Follow the steps here: to sign up. This is required for CommHIT to access the funds from USDoL on your behalf; this is the eligibility and intake step. After you complete this step, contact Andy Post, MA at Andy will get you registered for training track you chose. It’s that simple.

Community Health Worker: Sponsored by the Florida Community Health Worker Coalition (FLCHWC)

HITCM-PP: Sponsored by the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM)

TeleHealth Program Coordinator: Sponsored by the Global Partnership for TeleHealth

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+: Powered by CompTIA

CompTIA A+: Powered by uCertify and CompTIA

ABOUT THAP: The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) awarded CommHIT $199,708 for July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 to develop an apprenticeship program to support the technology and health occupation needs in Florida. The grant program is called the Pathways to Career Opportunities Grant (PCOG) The funds for this grant were appropriated under the 2021 State of Florida General Appropriations Act to establish new or expand
existing registered apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship programs and are supported by Gov. DeSantis. With these funds, CommHIT developed the Technology
& Health Apprenticeship Program (THAP). Under THAP, CommHIT offers up to $500 per eligible person for technology-related training and sitting for certification exams. Also, CommHIT has two Florida Department of Education (FLDOE)-registered apprenticeship occupations for entry-level positions. These are both ready for Florida employer’s immediate use. Click on the EMPLOYER TILE above to learn more about THAP apprenticeship programs.

Interested in connecting with someone about THAP at CommHIT? Email THAP Administrator Andy Post, MA at

ABOUT TQA: Tech Quest Apprenticeship” (TQA), the USDoL funds are used to head up a national consortium to train thousands of workers for IT jobs. The TQA award is divided among more than a dozen higher education institutions and expert workforce development
organizations nationwide; CommHIT is one of them.


CommHIT’s leadership serves as the official Health IT advisors for the national Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM). PAHCOM is the premier source of support and resources for managers and administrators of solo and small group healthcare practices throughout the country. PAHCOM has been supporting solo physician and small group physician practice managers since 1988 and provides the best support and resources available. CommunityHealth IT developed one of PAHCOM’s top-tier certification programs: the Health Information Technology Certified Manager for Physician Practice (HITCM-PP). Learn more about PAHCOM.

CommunityHealth IT also partners with the International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI) to help ensure that the national workforce has access to secure well-paying jobs, can improve patient safety, and is prepared for digital security threats. CommHIT and IACI provide access to next-gen digital security education courses (including nationally-recognized certificates); programs and real-time services; including customized role-based workforce development education services; design, development, and facilitation of cyber exercises; and modeling and simulation support. Contact us for more information.